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Georgia Vourtsa


Georgia graduated from Dental School at 2013. Since then, she has been practicing dentistry and at the same time she finished a 3 years master at Aesthetic Dentistry at AUTH and an 1 year international MBA at Rome Business School.
At 2022 she moved to Heraklion. With her specialized colleagues, and the most new technological equipment, she offers her patient the best treatment possible. She continues to educate herself and she specializes at Facial Aesthetics.
She cares about the environment and cofounded a company against food waste. She has been playing chess since 5 years old and the last years with Anogeia team.
She loves animals and she owns a dog and a cat.
She is always patient, very approachable to phobic patients and willing to suggest many solutions for your problems, till you finalise together your treatment plan.

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“The partners will deal with any incident requiring a specialised approach, without the need to go outside.

The network of partners includes

orthodontist, endodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist and dentist e

specialized in children.”

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